Events by Wholeteam

MMC 2011 logoSince 2002, the Mid-Atlantic Music Conference has solidified itself as the largest and longest running music conference in the Mid-Atlantic States. The event has hosted over 1200 performers, artists and bands from the US, Canada and around the world. Additionally, more than 600 music, film and digital entertainment industry professionals have participated in interactive panels, displays and demonstrations, making it the premier music and digital media industry networking event in the market!

noda summer logoThe two day, live music festival and fundraiser is designed to promote the NODA district’s tremendous music and arts related resources and provide performance and networking opportunities to regional artists, bands and other industry related professionals.  LOGO_NODAFALLThe City’s best collection of galleries and performance venues and some of the funkiest full service restaurants including authentic Cajun cooking, Southwest cuisine, a Creative pizza eatery and more! Our 2013 Summer Musicfest attracted more than 1000 unique visitors to the NoDA district and featured performances by more than 60 artists and bands crossing all genres of music!

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